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Mini Automatic Dimming Switch 12V 24V DC Cabinet Switch Infrared Sensor For LED Products

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SW03-Dim  Dimming Switch

Mini automatic induction IR light sensor switch 12V 24V DC cabinet switch infrared sensor for LED products

Product Description:

1.IR Light Switch: It can control DC12V/DC24V input voltage LED lighting products, such as LED cabinet lights, LED rigid bar, LED strip lights.
2.The sensitivity within 15cm can pass through transparent galss.
3.Small size and light weight
4.Modern outlook and best selling switch 
5.Compatible to common low voltage LED lighting products

Welcome to contact us: 

1. Address:Room 1740,17/F,Kwai Hung Holdings Centre,89 King's road,North Point,HK
2. Tel:  (852) 3540 6538
3. Fax: (852) 3540 6536
4. Email:
5. Homepage address:

Switch Guarantee: 

IR Light Switch Warranty Information
If the project is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us.
We will send you a replacement after receipt of the defective products.
But you pay an additional shipping costs
For more information or to arrange warranty replacement of your switch please call: +852-3540 6538 Monday - Saturday from 8am to 8pm EST, Don't go to work on Sunday

Tags: Dimming Switch

Model SW03-Dim
Weight(G) 28
Power(W) DC 12V at 36W DC 24V at 72 W
Input Voltage(V) DC 12V / 24V Output Voltage: DC 12V / 24V
Cable In Length=140mm Out Length=180mm
Size 39*31*8mm
Features Rapid press-turn on /off General press-adjust light intensity

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