220V AC G9 Led Lamp

These miniature LED bulbs are alternatives to 220V halogen lamps and are available in a variety of color temperatures, lumens and wattages. Led bulbs have a longer life and lower energy consumption.

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Certification: CE, RoHS, CE Rohs, ETL

AW Lighting  LED  G9-CR64LED-6W 5W  2700K,3000K,5000K,6500K AC120V or 230VProduct Description:1.G9-CR45LEDA-5W  AW LED Corn B..


Ex Tax: $6.52


AW Lighting LED G9-CR45LEDA-5W 2700K, 3000K, 5000K, 6500K AC 120V or 230VProduct Description:1.(G9-CR45LEDA-5W  RA90 )  AW LED Corn bul..


Ex Tax: $6.10

AW Lighting  LED  (G9-CR45LEDA-5W RA90)  2700K,3000K,5000K,6500K AC 120V or 230VProduct Description:1.(G9-CR45LEDA-5W RA90)&n..


Ex Tax: $15.09

 AW Lighting  LED  G9-D01 1.6W  2700K,3000K,5000K,6500K AC 230V   Product Description:1.G9-D01  ..


Ex Tax: $14.00

AW Lighting  LED  G9-D02 2.5W  2700K,3000K,5000K,6500K AC 120V or 230VProduct Description:1.G9-D02 AW LED Corn Bulb led  ..


Ex Tax: $14.70

AW Lighting  LED  (G9-51LED2-3W No Flicker)  2700-3200K/6000-7000K AC 85-265VProduct Description:1.(G9-51LED2-3W No Flicker)&..


Ex Tax: $12.05

AW Lighting  LED  (G9-CR15LED-2W)  2700-3200K/6000-7000K AC 230VProduct Description:1.(G9-CR15LED-2W) AW LED Corn Bulb led&nb..


Ex Tax: $11.66

G9-70LED-3W ETLLED G9 bulb replacement 40w halogen dimmable AC 120V 230V 3W G9 lightG9-70LED-3W AW Lighting LED 2700-3200K/6000-7000K&n..


Ex Tax: $11.58

G9-70LED-3WG9-70LED-3W AW Lighting LED 2700-3200K/6000-7000K AC 230VProduct Description:1. G9-70LED-3W  AW LED Corn..


Ex Tax: $10.80

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