30 May

Easy to buy LED lamps

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The LED bulb products on the market are mixed, and ordinary consumers who purchase unqualified LED bulbs will be prone to damage and will have insufficient light for a long time. In order to purchase qualified products, it is firstly necessary to check whether they have a certification mark.

Safety certification is indispensable

Ai Xiaoming, CEO of OSRAM (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., said that consumers must first choose LED products that meet national standards, have safety certification (such as CCC, GS, CE, UL, etc.) and national product quality certification. “These products are reliable and secure in terms of safety, performance and design.” Lu Jinqing, marketing manager of Philips Lighting's LED light source product in Asia Pacific, said that these logos generally appear on the packaging or presentation of products. She also said that there is a mandatory national standard "Safety Requirements for Self-Balancing LED Lights Above 50V for General Lighting" (GB24906-2010). Consumers can check whether there are any indications on the packaging.

Select lighting according to the environment

Second, to consider the light quality of LED products, the color rendering index Ra is preferably 80-85 or more. It is also important to choose the right color temperature depending on the environment. According to reports, the general definition of LED color temperature in the 2700K-4000K for warm colors, 4000K-5000K for the natural white, 5000K-6700K is white, warm white and natural white temperature will give a warm, warm feeling, suitable for use in hotels, Hotel and bedroom. While the white is cool and refreshing, it is used in offices and living rooms.

Bulb wafers are exquisite

When visiting the market, reporters saw that some LED light bulbs have multiple points of light, while others rely on several pieces of light.

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