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Simulated flames lamp stage party lights Halloween Christmas Festival Flame Lights provide OEM ODM solutions

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LED flame lamp solution: The main control chip uses industrial grade chips. Provide 220V power supply, 3.7V lithium battery power supply two options. Flame - long bright - breathing 3 modes. Used to switch modes. The circuit has two options: driver chip and MOS tube driver. It consists of 99 3835 lamp beads with 3W color temperature around 3000K.

The flame is realistic and the effect is beautiful. The maximum power can be 9W, used indoor and outdoor scene lights, fireplace lights, bar lamps, lawn lights, torch lights, camping lights, garden lights and so on. The external mold does not need to be modified. Strong versatility! The mature solution can be customized and the company has 64 and 33 small flame lamp solutions.

AW led flame bulb simulates a three-dimensional flame lamp with a flame effect, comprising a nucleus-shaped lamp housing, the lamp housing is provided with a coiled lamp board; the lamp board comprises a flexible circuit board, and the flexible circuit board is crimped into the lamp housing The interior is generally tapered, and the outer surface of the flexible circuit board is provided with a plurality of LED lamp beads; the LED lamp bead is electrically connected to a control module. The lamp shell of the three-dimensional flame lamp of the utility model has a nucleus shape, and the whole is close to the shape of the real flame; the flexible circuit board in the lamp shell is curled into the inner part of the lamp shell and has an overall cone shape, which can be seen from the periphery and the top view angle. To the LED lamp bead, the real three-dimensional, simulated flame effect

Dynamically moving the flame, simulating the natural fire flashing flame, but no open flame, safe and energy-saving LED light source, can replace the traditional gas lamp, such as remodeling oil lamp, lantern
OEM ODM solutions for creative LED simulation flames, lamp stages, party lights, Halloween Christmas birthday festival led flame bulb

Atmosphere mood lights, decorate your space with orange warm flame colors, give you a quiet moment of romance and relaxation, ignite a flame bulb, then use jazz music to help you fall asleep easier and get rid of loneliness from your soul.

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