How to choose GU 10 CRI LED Light spotlight bulb for display stand \ shop lighting \ home decoratio

  • Spotlights are generally used for decoration and have a color rendering index >80.
  • Depending on the occasion, choose warm or white light.
  • Depending on the number of lamps and the illumination effect, choose the appropriate power of spotlights.

Before buying, you must know what kind of LED spotlight ceiling lights you need, because nowadays LED ceiling lights are widely used in shopping malls, jewelry lighting, clothing lighting and other areas, so determine your own LED ceiling light type and then combine their own working environment on the ceiling light restrictions, such as the size of the opening, LED spotlight ceiling light size, luminous angle, height and so on can achieve practical and beautiful effect.

The high color rendering index LED lights make the colors look clear, vivid and distinguishable, while significantly reducing energy consumption and greatly improving the appearance of the product. By using a slightly different method and creating an innovative emission spectrum, AW CRI95 gu LED lamps use the most advanced technology to achieve the highest color rendering and provide a true energy-saving alternative.

CRI (color rendering index) is a measure of the accuracy of the true color of the light source illuminating the object. The CRI95 LED lamp has a CRI value as high as 98, which indicates that GU10 LED Bulb can produce white light close to halogen or incandescent lamps and natural light.