USA Strategies in light/The Led show 2017 AW LED Coming Exhibitions

USA Strategies in light/The Led show 2017 

Fed 28th -Mar 2nd,2017

Anaheim US           Booth NO. 116

HK Int'l Lighting Fair 2017(Spring Edition)

06 - 09  / 04 /2017 Booth No.1c - A11

Guangzhou lnt'l Lighting Exhibition 2017

09 - 12 / 06 /2017 Booth No.11.2 - H32

The LED Show, co-located with Strategies in Light and Lightspace California, showcases the latest advancements in commercial, residential and retail SSL technology, bringing together designers, engineers, home builders, specifiers, manufacturers and investors from around the world.  Featuring a variety of high-impact sessions addressing new strategies in manufacturing, design, testing, color definition, controls, final assembly and more, The LED Show brings the design and end user aspects of lighting to life.

Additionally attracting a range of leading manufacturers, The LED Show's exhibition showcases that latest advancements in LED lamps and luminaires.  Visitors of the exhibition will see first-hand the newest products and technologies impacting the market, with face-to-face networking opportunities to build connections and exchange valuable information.

The LED Show is a pivotal event for the fixture, lighting design and end user markets and is annually attended by thousands.  Now in its third year of being co-located with Strategies in Light, The LED Show provides a unique platform for engaging with the entire ecosytem of lighting in a truly interactive environment.

What is the future of LED? These are your tracks:

Track 1: In the interrupted lighting market

Lay the foundation for the next wave of market evolution

The track is designed to explore the widespread use of LEDs in lighting products and applications. It will also understand the future of solid-state lighting by assessing the challenges of market growth and possible solutions to overcome these challenges. The track is particularly concerned about the emerging applications of traditional lighting technology that are not well applied, and the LED solution is more effective in meeting its unique needs.

Track 2: Technological innovation to support market growth

Will change the lighting surface of the key technology

This range includes not only LED components, but also technologies for manufacturing lighting products, including drives, optics and materials. The problems addressed in this track include performance, life, reliability, lamp design, comparison of technical methods, and many others.

Track 3: Are all the lighting connected?

The role of lighting in the Internet of things

This track focuses on how to connect or smart lighting for the IOT (Internet of Things) world. The discussion will cover the entire market area, including data analysis, network security, true value of connected lighting, lighting integration, communication protocols, smart cities, new business methods and so on.